Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's wrong with you people?

I woke up this morning to a changed world.

24 hours ago there was a restraining order protecting a California business from the unlawful seizure of their property by the federal government. Today I was reminded that a restraining order is just a piece of paper. 

Also in California, a friend of mine went to bed last night secure in the belief that his truck was safely parked in his driveway. This morning he reported his truck stolen.

I have a hard time even writing about this one. A friend woke from a nap yesterday and drove to our house for a party. As she drove through the parking lot here she came "close-ish" to a man walking across the driveway. As she parked and got out with a growler of beer for the party the man made comments to the effect that she had tried to run him over. She addressed the man in a dismissive tone and basically told him to f-off. The man pursued her and despite her efforts to retreat he cornered her against a garage door. She, realizing she would need both hands to defend herself, set the growler on the ground, grabbed her phone and attempted to dial 911. The man knocked her phone away ( somehow it dialed my number because when I picked up I could hear her yelling for help), picked up the growler and proceeded to assault her. She (smartly) yelled FIRE! and someone actually pulled the fire alarm just before myself and several guests from our party arrived. A crowd had gathered by this time and the man was still very out of control and belligerent. I got between him and my friend and lit him up with the strobe function on my flashlight and ordered him to back off. He still had the growler in his hand as he approached my girlfriend. She took a step back and drew her weapon (no, she had not been drinking). I wonder this morning if this man realizes how lucky he is to be alive today. Had he taken another step he would be in the morgue right now. Lucky for him he backed off. The police arrived and took him into custody for 2nd degree assault, felony menacing, and interfering with telecommunications. Our friend got a ticket for disorderly conduct (she swore at the man from 15 feet away which provoked him....?) which should be dropped.

Until yesterday my girlfriend had never had to draw her weapon to defend herself. Until yesterday my friend believed the police were there to protect us. Today the world is different.... and I am a bit more cynical.